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Modern Industries Machining Division, Erie Pa
CNC machining, contract manufacturing and assembly
Since 1946
Over 65 CNC machines
Over 350,000 sq. ft.
Over 250 loyal employees

Partnership Focus

It is our goal to operate as an invested partner with each of our customers in helping them meet their specific needs…and it all begins with a thorough evaluation of the part design and machining requirements by our Lead Project Team.

This team looks for ways to optimize the part design and improve its manufacturability…in fact this team has been responsible for saving customers part production costs.

Our Production Team then receives the project. This group will closely monitor the manufacturing process and also coordinate the integration of any secondary finishing requirements. Most importantly, this team is all about communicating with the customer, keeping them abreast of progress at all critical steps. Their “Customer first” focus enables these professionals to also operate as valuable Customer Advocates during the production process.

Our Post-Production group manages the hand-off to handle any special packaging and shipping requirements including JIT and other hold & release programs. This group also places an equally high priority on customer communication.

The primary goal of our customer/partnership focus is to produce the best part that will deliver the best performance for the best price…and we know that in hitting those goals we have put the Precision Machining & Assembly Division in the best position for earning a customer for life.

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