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Production Planning and Inventory Control

Modern Industries has had an ERP System for many years and it was last updated in 2012. We use the Vantage ERP/MRP System, which is considered the best system to integrate with customer's supply chain and inventory management. The management system not only allows us to automatically upload customer schedules, but also forecast customer needs and preplan production schedules. The system also generates real time production data for real time monitoring/managing work flow.

Modern Industries can also establish an LTA with customers to better plan and invest in each customer’s future.

Our production planning protocol includes these steps…

Step #1 – Listening to the Customer – before developing the manufacturing process, a Modern Industries cross-functional team will complete a product review with the customer. It is critical that we understand the needs of the customer prior to development of the manufacturing process. Evidence proves that the more information we receive from the customer during the early stages will prevent future problems.

Step #2 - Product Development – is performed using a cross-functional team consisting of manufacturing and quality engineers/technicians, inventory control specialists, purchasing agents sales representatives and managers. This team develops what we call a BMEA – “Best Manufacturing and Engineering Available” for the product.

Step #3 – Documentation & Training – from the development process, we complete detailed plans to ensure those plans are documented and what is documented is used to train others. Tools such as FMEA, New Product Development checklists, control plans, detailed routers, inspection document, etc., are all elements of this process. These documents are used to help train our highly skilled and qualified work force.

Step #4 – Execute to Satisfy the Customer – our diligence in completing the steps presented above is one reason why Modern has an excellent reputation for quality and delivery. Both quality and delivery are constantly measured, reported and uploaded into the system for continuous monitoring and process improvement. Performance metrics is a way of life and a powerful way to ensure what the customer wants…the first time / every time / on time.

Modern Industries Machining & Assembly Division has sizable onsite inventory capacity for finished parts or completed assemblies and can offer Tier 1 management of components, JIT or other hold and release inventory programs.

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